New Zealand


2012-2013 I spent a year in New Zealand! It was the most amazing and life changing experience.

I loved everyday I spent there. It was challenging, exaughsting, adventurous, crazy, and fantastic all at the same time. I did so many things I never imagined doing: I skydived, I hiked, I traveled, I skinned a sheep, I killed and gutted chickens, I cuddled a koala, I fed kangaroos, I built things, I moved, I volunteered, I worked, and did so many other things I can’t even keep track. I moved 14 times and slept in 38+ different beds and barely unpacked my suitcase but, I loved every moment and miss it so much.

Every week I updated a blog so that my friends and family back home could see what I was doing and could somewhat live vicariously through me! You can see all my adventures and travels at

If you want travel tips, New Zealand stories, and any other tips I would love to share more.

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