Big Changes

So I moved to Sonoma County! The last season on the mountain was amazing and as much as I am sad to leave it, I am excited for this new season. More about my new job in a future post for now here is my huge news and what you will be seeing on the blog a lot in the near future.

Rent in Sonoma county is insane. With the fires last year housing is limited and many landlords increased rent to take advantage. So I bought a used motor home and moved into it in a RV park.

While I have spent a lot of time in my parents trailers and motor home camping this is my first time having to do it all (by myself). Thankfully my parents able to drive it up and teach me how to work things like the sewer hoses, power, generator etc. I’m sure there will be some crazy adventures with this thing.

This motor home is old and while it runs well, a lot needs updating. I keep making lists of priorities and then something else comes up that needs fixed so it’s going to be a huge project. Here are some before pictures so eventually I can post some afters.

Excuse the messy pictures, I have been slowly moving in and working on organizing my stuff. More about that in a future post when I figure out where to put things.

My first shower lead to the shower head completely breaking off and buying a new shower head. Thankfully I found one with great pressure so that has been a nice upgrade already. I do need to re-caulk the shower probably a project for next week.

Here is the new shower head I bought in case you are in need of one as well. I like that it is not white so it doesn’t look ridiculous with the color of the shower.

Many more posts coming soon about this new home!