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HI! I’m Jessy and this is my best friend River. Together we love chasing dreams and helping others dream big. Learning to live with chronic illness and still dreaming big is possible. I’m a certified Family Life Educator, Life Coach and RRCA Running Coach.

In 2016 my life was changed by symptoms I came to find out were lyme disease. It took 5 years to be officially diagnosed and through those 5 years and the years since I learned a lot. In 2016 with my first symptoms I could barely move. Any time I was not working was spent sleeping or laying in bed. I tried to figure out what was wrong, but I knew I needed to move my body. I started with small movements. Since then I have run 2 marathons, and done many backpacking trips. It took setting the goal and figuring out what my body needed to accomplish it.

Now I want to help others do this as well. Chronic illness can feel like a death sentence for getting outside and being active, but it doesn’t have to be. Living with chronic illness means learning how your body works and working with it to accomplish your goals. The process and success may look different than it would if you were healthy, but it’s not impossible!! I’m learning to live with chronic illness and you can too. Let me help you accomplish your goals.