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I’m Jessy and I love life. I try to enjoy everyday and live life with no regrets. I love to travel, exercise, hangout with people, and anything that makes me happy and glorifies God! I believe there are adventures to be taken everyday if you are just willing to see them. My favorite things is to take a random turn and see what I find.

I love to follow the Lord and go where He leads me. I recently returned from a year living in New Zealand. I was in Southern California for a month and now I am in Spokane Washington. I have no idea where I am going to be living next but I am looking forward to the journey.

I will write about all sorts of things on this blog, from my travels and random adventures to the races I run and training! I hope you enjoy them and learn to see the adventures in everyday of your life.

People all the time ask me, “what do you do?” I usually stare back at them and stay “uh… you mean like for a job?” I never really know what to tell people so here is a “short” summary. I have my BS in Family Life Education from Long Beach State, I own my own business (Chicks That), I am a Doula, I am a worship leader and youth leader, I have worked jobs in customer service, nannying, personal assisting, and so many more. I have volunteered for and continue to volunteer for the Red Cross, SPCA, churches, youth groups, non-profits, and more.  I have a heart for worship and youth. I love organizations that reach depressed, self-harm, crisis pregnancy… type things in youth and human trafficking. Was that enough to tell you who I am? All that to say that  I simply do what the Lord tells me to do and follow Him. I may look like I am Wandering but I’m not lost.

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