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Chicks That® is a company that I started to encourage and support women! I wanted encourage women and young girls to do what they love even if no one else is encouraging them! Be proud of what you love and do it anyway!

Do you love surfing, running, hiking, paddle boarding, biking, yoga, or other active activities? Join our group of women living their best life and conquering their goals! If you want to join our group of women send me an email and I can send you the link.

This company started with T-shirts and has changed over the years. I was so tired of going to events or seeing shirts for my activities that were guy or “unisex” shirts with girly colors or logos on them. I don’t want a man’s shirt I want a shirt that fits me and looks good on my that I can wear and show that I love to run, surf, ride my bike, hike, and do everything else that I love! So with the help of my family I formed Chicks That® a company that makes women’s shirts to show off that we are strong women and we love the activities that we do!