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Changing our Perception by changing our Neural Pathways

Did you know hiking trails and our brains are similar?


Most Hiking Trails are created by continually walking the same place over and over. The more foot traffic the trail gets the more worn in and visible the trail is. This is how our brain creates perception. The first time you experience something your brain forms a neural pathway with that perception. Then every time you experience it the pathway gets deeper and more formed. If you experience something similar your brain can easily use that pathway to create the perception, but if you want to change the perception you have to create a new pathway.

EXAMPLE: Every time you put on workout clothes you look in the mirror and think “I’m Fat” now working out, the idea of wearing those clothes, or the idea of any kind of exercise makes you think “I’m Fat” because this is the pathway you have created. In order to change this perception, you have to work at it and create a new neural pathway and keep going there to dig it deeper and let the old one get overgrown.

Changing our Perception takes time. Good things take time.

This is something you have to be purposeful about and practice. Put on those workout clothes and instead of allowing yourself to think “I’m Fat” think “I’m strong, I’m brave, I’m beautiful”.

You choose the statement. Make it positive and affirming. Make it simple. You can even write it on your mirror or on a sticky note you see all the time. Every time you think about exercising, purposefully think “I’m strong” this way that neural pathway can be more solidified.

Practice it over and over and over again until that pathway is so deep it’s the only one your brain wants to travel.

If our perception is that we indeed can do anything, then we will be able to do it!
If our perception is that we indeed can do anything, then we will be able to do it!

What things have you been telling yourself that you need a new pathway for?

Word of the Month: BRAVE

I’ve decided to start making a word of the month and focusing on that word. Learning more about the word and how I can change using that word.

For August I have chosen the word Brave. The definition of brave is: having or showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty: having or showing courage; to endure or face (unpleasant conditions or behavior) without showing fear.

This word is really motivating! I want to always be brave even when no one around me is willing to be brave. So this month come with me on a journey to discover how we can be brave.

One thing I really like about the word Brave is how in order to be brave you have to acknowledge your fears and unpleasant things. This is something many of us avoid. This month let’s face those fears and learn how to be BRAVE!

If you need help being brave or need help recognizing those fears let me know! Let’s work together to be brave!!