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Outdoor and Adventure Gift Guide

The holidays are coming and I always have a hard time finding the right gift for each person on my list. Especially when I want to get something truly useful and not just something that will be thrown away in a month. I put together this budget friendly gift guide that most adventure/outdoorsy people would love to receive as a gift or stocking stuffer!

*This guide does include affiliate links which means that if you purchase from a link I get a small commission for sending you there. Thanks


Hiking Journal
National Park Journal

If they like art get them a travel kit wit the journal

Art Kit

Things to do at camp

Knot learning set

Great travel game

Staples we will always need more of:


Olive Oil Packets


Body Wipes

Hand Warmers

Bug Repellant



Other Gift Options

First Aid Refills

Small Containers

Zipper Thermometer

Lighted Beanie

Portable inflator

Waterproof bags

Snack Bags

Wool Socks

Hiking Guide

Battery Bank

Water Bottle

Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Travel Brush

Water Filter

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